June Daily Questions Week Two

June Daily Questions Week Two
4. I am hovering at 100ft AGL. What are my appropriate common standards in regard to altitude?

Reference: UH60 dATM

(a) Maintain heading ±10 degrees.
(b) Maintain altitude, ±3 feet (±5 feet for OGE). *
(c) Do not allow drift to exceed 3 feet (10 feet for OGE hover). *
(d) Maintain ground track within 3 feet.
(e) Maintain a constant rate of movement appropriate for existing conditions.

5. I am hovering at 100ft AGL with 78% Hover Power Torque applied. I experience a single engine failure (that sucks). How much % Torque would I need to reduce in order to remain below my max torque available?

In a single engine condition, your hover torque will double to 156%. In order to remain within your max torque available (single engine), you would have to reduce the torque by 46% to achieve below 110%.

6. I am hovering at Sea Level, 100ft AGL, and experience a single engine failure. My UH60M weighs 19,000 and winds are calm. At 100ft AGL, according to the UH60 Operators manual, will I be able to achieve single engine flyaway airspeed prior to impacting the ground? Reference?

No. Check the Height Velocity Avoid Region Figure 9-2, Page 9-9. This should be discussed with your crew prior to conducting hoist or other OGE hover tasks. Hovering into the wind will assist in achieving single engine fly-away airspeed.

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