January Featured Workouts

January Featured Workouts

03 January


5 min tread walk (backwards/lateral/incline)
3 Rounds
10 walking lunges (each leg)
15 slant board (heels elevated) BW squats
10 poliquin step ups (each leg)
10 Golblet squats (weight as desired)

Prime Mover
4x 20
Front Squat (50% 1RM)
Complete 30 Full Body Crunch after each round

4 min to complete:
-20 cal row/bike
-15 Toes to Bar
-10 Burpees
Rest remainder of round

Gut Check (Immediately following 5th Round of HIIT)
1x20 Front Squat (Same weight)

Detention (Partition as desired)

50 glute bridges (banded/weighted)
50 good mornings (banded/weighted)
50 lateral side extensions (each side)

January 10



50 banded pull-apart
50 banded straight arm pull-downs
3 Rounds
10 Bottoms-up KB presses
10 push-ups
5 pull-ups (negatives)

Prime Mover
4x 20 DB Shoulder press or BB (50% of 1RM)
superset with
4x 8 weighted pull ups (25% BW)

Pre-hab Work
4 rounds
12 DB or cable lateral raise
10 side-lying DB external rotation
20 face pulls

Gut Check
3 sets to get to 50 reps (partition as desired)
BB upright row (challenging weight)

50 DB pull over
50 Ab roll out
10 min to complete 100 calories on any machine
Every 30s over 10 min is an additional 5 calories


17 January 

50 banded pull-apart
3 Rounds
10 inch worms
15 pushups
10 birddogs (5 ea. side)

Prime Mover
4x 20
Bench (50% 1RM)
Complete 300m row after each round

HIIT (Complete each movement before reducing the reps)
-KB swings
-Hand Stand Push ups (Scale: Pike push-ups or regular)
-Wall Balls (DB thrusters if no wallball)

Gut Check (Immediately following HIIT)
2 burnout sets (15s rest b/w) 
Close Grip Bench Press (25% 1RM)

Detention (3 rounds)

20 Incline Bench DB Rows (lie face down on bench)
20 Incline Bench DB Chest Fly
30 Incline Bench DB Y, T, I Raises (10 each)

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