August Daily Questions

August Daily Questions

1. Which is not considered one of the four types of airspace? Controlled, uncontrolled, special use, other.

AIM CH3. 3-1-1

2. The forecasted weather for your primary destination is predominantly 500 BKN with 2 miles visibility with a tempo of 300 OVC and 1 mile visibility. Which weather would you use for planning and how long must it be above your minimums? 500-2, 60 min after ETA

AR 95-1: pg. 36: Destination weather must be forecast to be equal to or greater than VFR minimums at estimated time of arrival (ETA) through one hour after ETA. When there are intermittent weather conditions, the predominant weather will apply.

3. (See KOZR approach plate ILS RWY6) You are flying from RRS Vortac to OZ NDB. If the NAVAIDs were unmonitored, what is the minimum WX you would need to not require and alternate destination? 2200-3 mile vis 

AR 95-1 pg. 37: VFR Exception Rule: Use the MEA (2000) subtract airfield elevation (301), round up to the nearest 100, then add basic cloud clearance.

4. Drag Chart.

TC3-04.4: Figure 1-41

5. Which characteristic is NOT associated with this airspeed (max endurance)? Maximum Range

TC3-04.4: pg 1-50: This airspeed (best rate of climb/max endurance) has the following characteristics—
Total drag at the minimum.
Largest amount of excess power available.
Lowest fuel flow during powered flight.
Maximum single engine gross weight that can be carried (for dual engine aircraft).

6. Severe turbulence can be expected up to ___ miles from severe thunderstorms? 20 miles

TC 3-04.4: Severe turbulence can be expected up to 20 miles from severe thunderstorms and decreases to about 10 miles in less severe storms.

7. Improved rotor efficiency resulting from directional flight is known as? Translational Lift.

TC 3-04.4: pg 1-40: Improved rotor efficiency resulting from directional flight is translational lift. The efficiency of the hovering rotor system is improved with each knot of incoming wind gained by horizontal movement or surface wind.

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