Break Traditional Molds with Integrated Frequent Volume Training

Break Traditional Molds with Integrated Frequent Volume Training

I know a lot of you nerds out there are trying to #shred this winter for your trip to Sandals in Jamacia…but if you’re real with yourself you know it’s all about strength gains and putting on some mass. Once you come to terms with where your real priorities are, I recommend giving my 210 plan a shot. I am by no means an academic on this jazz however, I do know what works for me. Over the last 10 years I have used the gym not only to relieve stress and escape but also in the constant continual effort to increase my strength and size. In order to achieve this ultimate and never ending goal, I have experimented with many different routines and plans. Some have worked and some have not. Some of the plans and routines I have utilized successfully include German Volume TrainingThe Doggcrap Training PlanThe Best Damn Workout Routine for Natural Lifters as well as less popularized strength, progression, and volume development plans from friends and coworkers.

A few months ago, just before deployment, I was finishing up a cycle of the frequency based plan The Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters which was working pretty well. Regardless, just like every other cycle of a routine I started to get stagnant and plateaued not to mention the ensuing boredom. It was at that moment I realized, “why can’t I combine multiple programs into one? Why do I need to stick to just cycles of frequency training or weeks of strictly hypertrophy? Why can’t I combine all of these lifts and styles into a solid progression program?” Well kids I have realized that the answer is, “I can” and it is pretty neat.

Firstly, just like anything else, it was necessary to lay out some goals. What were my overall goals for this plan? To tell you the truth, although I love to lift heavy shit, the real reason I lift is to fight the look of mediocrity. Thus, I know that hypertrophy and drop setting had to be part of my pan. For this I set a goal to be a solid 210 lbs. (started at 203 prior to leaving for AF). Further, I also need to stop being a snowflake and break that 500 lb. deadlift barrier. What this meant for me was: to grow my legs, both anterior and posterior, as well as STAY HEALTHY. I have struggled on and off with lower back strains over the past 3 years so it is imperative for me to stay loose and warm.  Thus, for the legs part I decided to input the frequency style A/B lifts where every day is either a posterior or anterior leg lift. Spreading the training throughout the week frequency style as opposed to one specific day had done wonders for me in the past, so I figured I would stick with it. As far as the health portion, I have made it a point to include foam rolling and core strengthening in between each set of my big lifts (deadlift, squat, and bench).

Simply stated, to achieve multiple goals, I choose to use multiple techniques. The plan is based on a three week cycle. The first two weeks’ base comes straight from the T-nation’s Best Damn Workout Routine for Natural Lifters. However, in the actual plan I include additional drop set tearing after each advanced set of the workout. Simply stated, the base model was not enough for me, I needed more. After completing two weeks of the frequency training I switched to a week of strict hypertrophy progression training. Once complete with week three, cycle back to the frequency style and watch yourself grow. The Heavy Double, Drop Set, and mTOR sets used in the frequency training never allow your muscles to adjust to the intensity and the third week of strict hypertrophy seems to be just the right amount of change to “keep the body guessing” as White Goodman would say.

Being on a deployment, the main battle reaching my goals utilizing this scheme was nutrition. The DFAC was not exactly your local Whole Foods so supplementation was the answer. At the cornesrstone of my supplement plan is Biotest’s Plasma. Plasma is a carbohydrate-protein mix that replaces your glycogen stores during your workout preventing excess cortisol release and advancing protein synthesis. Well, as Mr. Shirley says “Laymen’s terms, none of that insider bullshit nobody understands.” Basically it allows you to workout longer and more intense without excess fatigue hurting your gainz. As someone that as struggled with “overtraining” (or maybe it was a tiny heart) in the past I truly believe this stuff works. I can lift for two hours with no drop in intensity level. I can even successfully lift without stimulants when taking it (but don’t because I’m addicted). Anyway, outside of Plasma my pre and intra workout drink consists of L-GlutamineCreatine HCL Ethyl EsterVital Ultimate Organic Pre Workout, and Orgain Organic Superfood Supplement. All together it ends up looking like cat piss but it seems to be working out well. Post workout and prior to sleep I take two to three scoops of Orgain Organic Plant Based Chocolate Protein (or their grass fed whey), more L-Glutamine and Creatine, as well as a TSP of honey, a sprinkle of Viva Organic Raw Chia Seeds, a serving of Custom Collagen’s Collagen Powder and finally a TSP of Sports Research’s MCT Oil.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that I have blown enough smoke, time to talk results. For the period tracked in detail below I made some significant advancements. Since I do not want to risk injury, I have been avoiding PRs so the table below will illuminate the increase in working weight for many of the frequency lifts. As far as mass goes, I have gained about 5 pounds so far.

Frequency Lift

Start – 08 May 17

Now – 25 June 17

Standard Deadlift



Romanian Deadlift



Narrow Squat



Leg Press



Leg Extension



Lat Pull Down



Dumbbell Lateral Raise



Incline Barbell Press



Pec Dec



Unsupported Single Arm Dumbbell Press



Style Bar Row



Standing French Curl



Hammer Curls



Rope Triceps Extension




What is important to note about this workouts progression is that I never slowed down. Even though my goals have changed to focus on the olympic style lifts (snatch, cleans) it has been three months post deployment now and I am still progressing with the program. Most importantly I hit my goal of weighing in at 210 and met the 500 deadlift PR. Overall, the design of the lift as well as proper supplementation, adequate sleep, and the elimination of alcohol distractions has enabled me to keep pushing with no end in sight. Will it work for you? I cannot guarantee you that, everyone reacts differently to training and nutrition. Is it backed by research and academia? Other than my own results and the few sites I referenced, no absolutely not. But what I will say is that A. it’s working for me, and B. the frequency, drop setting, and hypertrophic lifts core to my scheme have brought gainz for millions of other so why not stray from the mold and combine them? Grab yourself a copy from the email below HARDO.

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