Brotallion Ambassador: Justin Holt

Brotallion Ambassador: Justin Holt

The past 6 months have been pretty exciting here at Brotallion. Upon returning from deployment, we made a pact to take time out of our busy schedules and dedicate it to the 'Tallion. Because of this, we have undergone some exciting growth! In order to help continue this upward trend we decided to bring on a Brand Ambassador. Enter Justin Holt.

In his own words, "Justin is a driver of Blackhawks, lifter of moderately heavy things, and a proud offender of the offended. Before his days of living the POG (that's Person Other than Grunt for you non-military readers) lyfe he was an Airborne Infantryman and a Ranger School Instructor with three combat tours. When he is not banging it out in the gym, Justin's traveling, cracking a cold one with the boys, and furthering his education via the University of Netflix. After spending a year in Honduras protecting the soft underbelly of America, he is now a CW2 Pilot-in-Command at Fort Carson, CO." 


This mother fucker lives and breathes our mantra on a daily basis and we could not be more excited to have him out there representing us. Give him a follow on Instagram @theholtness. Friendship, Freedom, Flight, Fitness!

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