Unit Shirts

Brotallion now designs t-shirts for flight units. We've seen too many times where the quality of the shirt is bad, some poor LT or WO has to run around and collect money, there is a minimum amount that has to be ordered, or in my personal case my old flight company’s shirt was worn out and I had no way of getting my hands on a new one.

Our vision was to remove all the trouble. If you have a logo already, we will check that the file meets our printing requirements (if not, it will cost $25 to reformat) and get your shirts up and running. Don’t have a logo? We will work with you and our professional graphic designer to come up with a new logo. This typically costs around $150 and you will have the rights to the logo upon completion of the design.

The shirts will be available on our site for as low as $15 indefinitely; so pilots, crew dogs, and family members alike can order various sizes and colors whenever they want and have them shipped wherever they want.

The ultimate goal is to help units get quality t-shirts with little to no upfront cost and make it available for them forever.

For inquiries please email spencer@brotallion.com