DQ's 2022

DQ's 2022

IAW AR 95-1, How many steps are in the mission approval process?

3 Steps Total (2-14a)

-Initial mission approval authority. (Flight schedule)

-Briefing Officer (Commander or their designated representative that interacts with the mission crew or air mission commander to identify, assess, and mitigate risk for the specific mission)

-Final Mission approval authority. Members of the chain of command who are responsible for accepting risk and approving all aviation operations (ground and air) within their unit. They approve missions for a specific risk level.

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  • Spencer Robinson

    I have a different Reffrance for the following question. Mine was ATP 3-04.1 Para 6-37 or 6-43.

    You overhear two PCs arguing in a planning cell about the expected weight of combat equipped troops. One PC is adamant that the doctrine states to plan for 240 pounds per combat equipped troop. The other PC is arguing that the doctrine states 330 pounds. Who is correct?

    ATP 3-04.1: Par 9.34: When operating the aircraft helicopter at maximum gross weights, use the exact weight of each occupant plus equipment. If weighing facilities are not available or if the tactical situation dictates otherwise,
    estimate loads as follows:
    -Combat-equipped troops: 330 pounds per individual.
    -Combat-equipped paratroopers: 350 pounds per individual.

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