About Us

Brotallion® is a veteran-owned business that serves as an ambassador for the Army Aviation community. We provide military aviation-inspired apparel, gear, study material, and mentorship for aviators by aviators.

Our Blue Skies Collection honors our fallen Army aircrew and supports their families through the Blue Skies Foundation

Meet the Crew

Spencer "Smokey" Payne

Co-Founder & President

Hailing from the great state of Tennessee, Spencer is lifter of weights, a driver of Blackhawks, and a closet nerd. He is supported by his lovely wife Aley and their dog Blue. Spence is currently pursuing his MBA from The University of Tennessee in addition to continued flying and service with the TN ARNG.

Brett "Cherub" Kroll

Co-Founder, Vice-President, & Director of Marketing
Founded in the metro Detroit area, Brett is a transitioning Army Officer and UH-60 driver. Serving as a Co-Founder of Brotallion, LLC as well as the Blue Skies Foundation, Brett manages all things marketing and fulfillment. As a passionate Husband and Father Brett works everyday to embody the mantra; Friendship, Freedom, Flight, and Fitness. Earn your spot.

Lance "No Handles" Randles

Stands Bro and Head of "Fit to Fly"

Born and raised in God’s country, Lance spent his early days hiking the Tennessee mountains and swimming in her rivers. He pursued his passion for Fitness and Freedom by joining the Army and studying Exercise Science for his undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina. Assisted by charm and good looks, he further developed his ambitions through graduating from the Instructor Pilot Course and obtaining his Level I CF Certification. MEDEVAC pilot by trade, Lance is stationed at Ft. Bliss with intent to Command within the next year.

Nick Yates

Editor-In-Chief & Producer

Nick is a Chief Warrant Officer 2 and Blackhawk Pilot from the Midwest. He is a lifter of weights, a connoisseur of the outdoors, and holds a M.S. in Aerospace Sustainability. Nick is the Producer and primary host of The Pilots' Lounge Podcast and looks forward to helping others pursue their dreams of flight.