About Us

Brotallion® is a veteran-owned business passionate about fostering aircrew presence and supporting the Army Aviation community. We create products that invoke the human emotion of flight for aviators by aviators.

Our brand promises:

  • Help military aviators by providing branded apparel that authentically represents military aviation culture.
  • Provide quality gear to aviation units across the globe via our custom apparel line.
  • Play a critical role in supporting Army Aviation Gold Star Families through the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation.

Never let your presence meet the ground!

Are you searching for modern, stylish, affordable apparel celebrating the country's aviation history? If so, look no further than the collection offered here. Our items work to effectively celebrate and pay homage to the landmark innovations in the industry while providing items you actually want to wear.

There is no question that aviation has been one of the country's greatest pastimes and passions for years. From the time when the Wright Brothers first took flight to modern-day innovations in the industry, the "race to the skies" is something that is considered a hallmark in the country's history.

At Brotallion, we share a passion for aviation and have proudly showcased this passion in the apparel collections we offer. From celebrating the timeless military legacy to vintage air transport operations and everything in between, you can find unique, authentic items that you will love to wear and gift to others.

Along with offering a huge selection of quality clothing items, we are committed to ensuring our customers have historically accurate options that are adorned with reimagined artwork, all to help celebrate and enjoy the aviation nostalgia that so many people have.

When you purchase from us, all we ask is that you wear the items you choose with a hit of prideful swagger that is reminiscent of the amazing accomplishments of the most notable pilots, co-pilots, and aircrew from the past and modern day.

What We Offer

It's easy to be swept up in the latest trends and purchase shirts and hoodies from low-quality vendors offering bargain basement pricing. However, we believe that you'll be disappointed once you receive these items.

We take pride in choosing shirt and hoodie material that is comfortable and nice to look at, and that will last. We want the items you purchase from us to be handed down to your children and grandchildren.

With authentic designs approved by those in the industry and vibrant, reimagined artwork, you can feel confident your new apparel will not only celebrate your love of aviation but also garner attention from other "flight lovers." We encourage you to share our website and gift products your family and friends would appreciate.

The Important Stuff

All our items are custom-made. We don't have pre-made items, so taking returns is not offered. The only time we can refund or replace your item is if it is the wrong color or size, if there is a print issue, or if there is damage. In this situation, we encourage you to reach out to our team, and you can feel confident you will receive a prompt response.

Let Us Feed Your Love of All Things Aviation

Are you interested in purchasing high-quality apparel that highlights all of aviation's special and unique aspects? If so, we have you covered. Check out our line of items and see which one speaks to you. We guarantee you will love the items you order and encourage you to check back often as new options are added regularly. We are your aviation apparel partner – contact us with any questions.