About us


Brotallion is a veteran-owned business, passionate about creating apparel, products, and content that invoke the human emotion of flight for aviators, by aviators. 

We are committed to playing a critical role in supporting Army Aviation Gold Star Families through the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation.


We aim to become the go-to source for quality gear for every aviation unit worldwide through our custom apparel line. 

We strive to help military aviators by providing authentic branded apparel that represents the unique culture of military aviation.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that aviators never let their presence meet the ground, embodying the spirit of flight in all that we do.


Be a good human.


Humility: We can learn something from everyone we meet. Arrogance has no place here.


Relationships Matter: With each other, our customers, our partners, and with those we care for in our lives.


Learn: Never stop investing in yourself - as long as you breath, continue to find ways to become better.


Have fun: Life is short. Work hard and play hard.

Always do the right thing.

Our Story

Established in 2015 by three friends, Brotallion initially began as a social media page dedicated to sharing images and videos of army helicopters and aircrews.

Recognizing a gap in the Army aviation community in terms of culture and representation, the founders pivoted to create a brand that catered specifically to this community.

Over the years, the business has evolved, and our mission is now to create apparel, products, and content that invoke the human emotion of flight for aviators, by aviators.

The Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation is a veteran founded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing post-mishap support for the Army Aviation community and their families.

At Brotallion, we believe that our success is tied to the well-being of the communities that we serve, primarily that of the Army Aviation community.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of this close-knit community, and it is our responsibility to give back and support the families of those who have lost loved ones.

By leveraging our exposure and following, we hope to honor the legacies of those who have fallen and provide support to their families through the work of the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation.

We believe that it is our duty to use our platform to make a positive impact in our community and help those in need.