Intermediate - RL2

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  • Designed for someone familiar with the gym and most lifting terms. Builds on top of the base foundation of the beginner program. Meant for the common athlete who has not quite mastered the art of weight training.

  • Intro to Supersets, Drop sets, and Auxiliary muscles.

  • Focus – Building lean muscle mass aka Hypertrophy, METCONs, & Strength Progressions.

  • Stabilization & Endurance (2 weeks): Used to get the body re-adapted to a rigorous workout schedule. Preps muscle groups for next Hypertrophy & strength phases. Designed, typically, to be 3-5 exercises & 12-20 repetitions.

  • Hypertrophy (8 weeks): The foundation to building muscle and perfecting form. 3-6 exercises / 8-12 repetitions no more than 1 minute rest coupled with Stabilization & Endurance.

  • Full Programming (6 weeks): This phase will have the flow of total programming. Each workout will have an intro to Strength progression, Hypertrophy, and Endurance.