Justin Holt

In his own words, "Justin is a driver of Blackhawks, lifter of moderately heavy things, and a proud offender of the offended. Before his days of living the POG (that's Person Other than Grunt for you non-military readers) lyfe he was an Airborne Infantryman and a Ranger School Instructor with three combat tours. When he is not banging it out in the gym, Justin's traveling, cracking a cold one with the boys, and furthering his education via the University of Netflix. After spending a year in Honduras protecting the soft underbelly of America, he is now a CW2 Pilot-in-Command at Fort Carson, CO." 

Follow Justin on social media for aviation, lifting, and other shenanigans:

Instagram: @theholtness

Jenna Fechner

Jenna is a Blackhawk pilot in the Texas Army National Guard, private investigator, and grad school student. She recently returned from a combat tour in Iraq and Syria, and currently works as the lead criminal investigator and death penalty mitigation specialist for one of the top companies in Austin, Texas. While she's not studying forensic psychology, Jenna enjoys lifting heavy things, petting dogs, flying, and watching packers football.

Instagram: @jfec

Anthony Woodard

Anthony is a Warrant Apache Pilot (Gun Pilots are the GREATEST!) with 16+ years of active service. Originally from California, but he's lived on the east coast for just as long. He's the father of one boy and four rambunctious pit-bulls. He's currently in the 82nd going on my 11th year in Division, yikes! When he's not pulling pitch around Bragg or hunting for Arianan forces at JRTC, he eat lots of food and lifts heavy things repetitively. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing Xbox, binging Netflix, working on his truck, or just plain ole sleeping!

Instagram: @eat_lift_pullpitch

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