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The first NFT digital collection of iconic aviators. Presented by Brotallion and powered by ALGO.

The Brotallion NFT project, for aviators by aviators, empowers former, current, and aspiring pilots to connect with other stick wigglers and yoke yankers to flourish in the new digital, decentralized economy.


Brotallion® is a veteran-owned business that is passionate about fostering aircrew presence and providing support for the Army Aviation community. We create products that invoke the human emotion of flight for aviators, by aviators.  At the heart and soul of Brotallion lies the Army Aviation community, and in 2020 the founders of Brotallion successfully achieved 501c3 status for their charitable organization the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation. The foundation provides post-mishap support to Army Aviation Gold Star families.

To expand their efforts into the new and ever-growing digital economy, Brotallion created the Brotallion NFT Project. The project will connect real-world utility with the crypto space to support and empower aviators from all walks of life by providing them access to NFTs, mentorship, exclusive events, and other perks all the while providing direct support for the Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation, the Wingman Foundation, and the Fallen Wings Foundation.

What is an NFT you ask? An NFT is a digital asset that is a unit of data stored on the blockchain to represent and verify ownership that cannot be duplicated. This means that each NFT is unique, and every pilot-inspired Brotallion NFT is one of kind. Want to learn more about NFTs? Check this Pilot's Lounge episode!

Since the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903, history has been filled with legendary pilots who have pushed the limits and challenged physics. From John Glenn to Amelia Earhart to Lt. Pete Mitchell, Brotallion NFTs will pay homage to these legendary aviators.

For Aviators, By Aviators

The Brotallion NFT project envisions a world where traditions like Flight Suit Friday, call sign parties, and winging ceremonies are modernized in the digital world. Brotallion NFTs can be used to:

  • Re-connect with old squadron mates, and meet new ones
  • Gain access to exclusive events
  • Support ArmyNaval, and Air Force Aviation Gold Star families
  • Gain access to mentorship form vetted aviators with a variety of backgrounds

First Project: 1,000 Unique Brotallion NFTs

The Brotallion NFT project is kicking off with four batches of 250 unique iconic aviators.

  • Aviation Legends (Robin Olds, Wright Bros, Amelia Earhart, etc)
  • Silver Screen Giants (Maverick, Jake Preston, Goose, etc)
  • Space Collection (John Glenn, Alan Shepard, etc)


Coming soon!