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  • Not designed for the weak or faint hearted. Meant for those comfortable with most/all lifts and looking to take the next step in progressions & build their 1RM and stamina. For those looking to break through a plateau. Should already have a legitimate foundation in lean muscle mass and low body fat.

  • Intro to de-loading sets, single arm/leg lifts, body control, grips/stances.

  • Focus: Hypertrophy, Balance, Strength progressions, and lifting techniques.

  • Strength, Hypertrophy, & Core (10 weeks) – Combing these elements will hone in on specific developments within training. Will heavily focus on Strength progressions, percentages for big and small muscle groups, and development of perfect form on all lifts.

  • Full Programming (10 weeks) – Will begin to focus in on full, complex muscle movements like Olympic lifts, and test those looking to progress to the next level. This will hone in to perfect all elements of fitness like Strength, Hypertrophy, Mobility, Balance, Endurance, and Core.