Featured Workout: Upper Body Volume

Featured Workout: Upper Body Volume

1 Mile Easy Run
3 Rounds Barbell Complex
6 Cleans/6 Hang Cleans /6 Front Squats/6 Shoulder Press/6 OHS /6 Back Squat
Barbell: Use 95lbs for all exercises
Strength - Snatch Cleans 
2x10 (95/75) or 50%
2x8 (115/85) or 60%
2x5 (135/95) or 70%
3x5 Increase by 5% each round
Complete 25 supine bicycles each set
Superset – 5 Rounds
12-10-8-8-6 (Breakdown set)
Incline Bench Press
15 DB Standing Shoulder Press
15 DB Tricep Kickbacks

Superset – 4 Rounds
12 Close Grip Bench Press
35 Dolphin Raises
12 DB Pull Overs
35 Supine Bicycles

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