Episode 25: Over 8000 with Bob Yerex

Episode 25: Over 8000 with Bob Yerex
Bob Yerex served as a military aviator in the U.S. Coast Guard, United States Army, as well as the United States Marine Corps. He brings to us his experience of over 8200 flight hours, flying everything from overwater rescues to low IFR at 200ft AGL over the mountains of the Pacific North West. He is the recipient of the Alaska Medal of Heroism, the Distinguished Flying Cross, an Order of Daedalians Exceptional Pilot, among many others. He shares with us his story and it is our honor to share it with you.

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  • John K. Roberts

    Great audio of Bob
    My wife was his daughter’s nanny and we are in the same (Bible) life group together plus get together often to go out to eat. Bob and his wife (and daughters) are great to be around.

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