The Pilots' Lounge

Episode 44 | Mike Balint Heli
Mike Balint is a man of mystery. A jack of all trades. Pilot, hockey player, businessman, and TikTok star. On this episode, we dive into the world of Mike Balint, his story, how he entered the world of rotary-wing aviation,...
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Episode 42 | Whirly-Girls with Fallon Blattner
Whirly-Girls International Women Helicopter Pilots is an organization geared towards advancing women in rotary-wing aviation. We are joined by Fallon Blattner, a former UH-60 Pilot in the United States Army and the current Vice President of Scholarships for Whirly-Girls, who...
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Episode 41 | Flight Suit Friday
Join us hanging out with the Flight Suit Friday Podcast crew at the HAI Expo 2023 in Atlanta, GA. Flight Suit Friday is run by a group of Coast Guard pilots who share the stories and mission sets of Coast Guard...
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