Episode 31 | Heather Howley @IndepedentHeli

Episode 31 | Heather Howley @IndepedentHeli

"If I put a military pilot in this, they probably couldn't fly it." 

Heather Howley, Chief Pilot and founder of Independent Helicopters in New York comes to us to share her story after a viral reel that poked the hornet's nest of military rotary-wing aviators. Heather has over 8,000 hours across fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, is a CFII, DPE, and has extensive experience with long line work, geological survey work, teaching, and many other commercial applications of rotary-wing aircraft.

She shows us the humble side of succeeding in civilian aviation and shares with us her incredible pathway to success. Be sure to check out Heather @independentheli as well as at https://independenthelicopters.com/


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